05 March 2009

the tale of malaysian heritage

~|m.a.l.a.y.s.i.a.n| |s.t.u.d.i.e.s|~

date: 19-20 Feb 2009
time: 11.00 - 2.00 pm
venue: International Medical

ZAPIN performance by students from south region
our proudly BAMBOO DANCE team showing some skills
our 'beauty and the beast' PROJECT RUNAWAY
soft and gentle DIKIR PUTERI performance from the east
colourful of TARIAN KIPAS performance
last but not least, INDANG DANCE

**the most enjoying event for my batch**

|a bouquet of smile had engraved on every face|

--the reserved beauty of malaysian culture--


25 February 2009

i am you

i am you...it is a nice combination of words which has a meaningful expression and a lot of interpretations.

i am you..wo shi ni(correct me if i am wrong)..in korean..?japanese(watashi gozen temae),french(moi suis toi)..?i've no idea..hahaa

whatever it is,i am studying there. Situated 200 meters from penthouse, IMU (International Medical University) have been through a lot of renovations inside out. so called 'international' as they offer courses for foreign students as well. heh..less than 10% only maa..! it is not as what we're thinking..emm majority are chinese..is expected for the private cutthroat university.hahahaaa..

why i do like IMU?the reasons are..

1)They have the beautiful skies everyday. The view is very nice especially from my house =P the top most building around here..even the birds also fly below you.haaaa..this picture was taken in early morning, while my frens were sleeping still..the sun was on its way to rise behind the mountain dew..the mist covering the mountain all over the KL city(not in the pic)2) All facilities + departments + office + cafeteria etc.are assembled in one building only..!Small in size but multi-developed inside..it was a shopping complex in old time but then upgraded to a university starting from 2002 if im not mistaken.

you might not know, a lot of researches have been done here. The most important thing is you may save your energy.no need to walk that far to go to each places..Numbers of lecture hall inside that are well-equipped and very condusive--------> to sleep in class during lecture.hahahaha.
you must agree with that..! 3) I love thier lecture hall because they have cusion seats.not like other university.very pampering when listening to the lecture talking infront while some unethical frens talking also behind me..hisshh!!shut up please..dont disturb the others okay!
The picture below was taken inside of lecture hall 3 which is my favourite lecture hall.Its very2 cold..an intensive training for students going to strathclyde like us..haaha.4) Besides, the lecture itself is very2 interesting.To be honest, for certain subjects only lerr..huhu.what do you expect when the lecturer calling student to go infront..they are not asking to answer the questions but instead,they were asked to play PHARMA-SHEEP \(^_^)/ cute rite..!so what is PHARMA-SHEEP?heee.. i dun know.but it is sumthin related to the topic of our subject.5) The last but not least,that we have a group of dedicated lecturers who willing to sacrifice themselves to make make the learning session enjoyable and memorable as well. Our beloved Dr. Kang Yew Beng, he is very serious person.he will ensure we understand and learn sumthin fom his lectures.the picture below are very funny..i laughed to death when he wore that 'thingy' over his head. Never imagine he has a gut to where that in front of us.hahahaa..! i quietly took my phone and SNAP!!hehe..sorry dr. kang..but it's really meaningful to us.you are so sporting!

17 February 2009

the marvellous words ever

1 adroit Dexterous, agile.
2 adumbrate To very gently suggest.
3 aestivate To summer, to spend the summer.
4 ailurophile A cat-lover.
5 beatific Befitting an angel or saint.
6 beleaguer To exhaust with attacks.
7 blandiloquent Beautiful and flattering.
8 caliginous Dark and misty.
9 champagne An effervescent wine.
10 chatoyant Like a cat's eye.
11 chiaroscuro The arrangement of dark and light elements in a picture.
12 cockle A heart-shaped bivalve or a garden flower.
13 colporteur A book peddlar.
14 conflate To blend together, to combine different things.
15 cynosure A focal point of admiration.
16 desuetude Disuse.
17 diaphanous Filmy.
18 diffuse Spread out, not focused or concentrated.
19 dulcet Sweet, sugary.
20 ebullient Bubbling with enthusiasm.
21 effervescent Bubbly.
22 efflorescence Flowering, the opening of buds or a bloom.
23 elixir A good potion.
24 emollient A softener.
25 encomium A spoken or written work in praise of someone.
26 ephemeral Short-lived.
27 epicure A person who enjoys fine living, especially food and drink.
28 epiphany A sudden revelation.
29 erstwhile At one time, for a time.
30 eschew To reject or avoid.
31 esculent Edible.
32 esoteric Understood only by a small group of specialists.
33 ethereal Gaseous, invisible but detectable.
34 etiolate White from no contact with light.
35 evanescent Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
36 exuberant Enthusiastic, excited.
37 felicitous Pleasing.
38 fescue A variety of grass favored for pastures.
39 foudroyant Dazzling.
40 fragile Very, very delicate.
41 fugacioius Running, escaping.
42 gambol To skip or leap about joyfully.
43 glamour Beauty.
44 gossamer The finest piece of thread, a spider's silk.
45 halcyon Happy, sunny, care-free.
46 hymeneal Having to do with a wedding.
47 imbricate To overlap to form a regular pattern.
48 imbroglio An altercation or complicated situation.
49 imbue To infuse, instill.
50 incipient Beginning, in an early stage.
51 ingenue A naïve young woman.
52 inglenook The place beside the fireplace.
53 inspissate To thicken.
54 inure To jade.
55 jejune Dull; childish.
56 lagniappe A gift given to a customer for their patronage.
57 lagoon A small gulf or inlet in the sea.
58 languor Listlessness, inactivity.
59 lassitude Weariness, listlessness.
60 laughter The response to something funny.
61 lilt To move musically or lively, to have a lively sound.
62 lithe Slender and flexible.
63 loquacious Talkative.
64 luxuriant Thick, lavish.
65 mellifluous Sweet-sounding.
66 missive A message or letter.
67 moiety One of two equal parts, a half.
68 mondegreen A misanalyzed phrase.
69 nebulous Foggy.
70 niveous Snowy, snow-like.
71 obsequious Fawning, subservience.
72 odalisque A concubine in a harem.
73 oeuvre A work.
74 offing That part of the sea between the horizon and the offshore.
75 onomatopoeia The creation of words by imitating sound.
76 paean A formal expression of praise.
77 palimpsest A manuscript written over one or more earlier ones.
78 panacea A complete solution for all problems.
79 panoply A complete set.
80 pastiche A mixture of art work (art or music) from various sources.
81 peccadillo A peculiarity.
82 pelagic Related to the sea or ocean.
83 penumbra A half-shadow, the edge of a shadow.
84 peregrination Wandering, travels.
85 petrichor The smell of earth after a rain.
86 plethora A great excess, overabundance.
87 porcelain A fine white clay pottery.
88 potamophilous Loving rivers.
89 propinquity A nearness, similarity, or kinship.
90 Pyrrhic Victorious despite heavy losses.
91 quintessential The ultimate, the essence of the essence.
92 redolent Sweet-smelling.
93 rhapsody A beautiful musical piece.
94 riparian Having to do with the bank of a river or other body of water.
95 ripple A small, circular wave emanating from a central point.
96 scintillate To sparkle with brilliant light.
97 sempiternal Forever and ever.
98 seraglio Housing for a harem.
99 serendipity Finding something while looking for something else.
100 surreptitious Sneaky.
101 sussurous Producing a hushing sound, like flowing water.
102 symbiosis Interdependence of two different species.
103 syzygy The direct opposition of two heavenly bodies.
104 talisman A symbolic object believed to have magical powers.
105 terpsichorean Related to dance.
106 tintinnabulation Ringing.
107 umbrageous Shady.
108 vestige A small fragment.
109 whisper Speaking without vibrating the vocal folds.
110 zyzzyva A kind of beetle.

25 January 2009

A.f.T.e.r [A] M.o.n.T.h

where did i go a month ago..? im nowhere..stood still at one side waving away my past.
looking for a new brighter days coming onwards..promising myself to be a brand new person when stepping into 09Y.never look back..

well..bunches of stuff wanted to be share wif u guys.!that 1 month was full of happiness,sorrowfulness, nervousness, jealousy, examness(not sure bout this word.hehe)..is the most meaningful month ever to me.so i put them into my diary of life..

TOP 5 chart

1-- i went to watch Malaysian Open badminton superseries with my fella IMU frenz.first tyme watch them closely but it's not my first tyme watching badminton tournament.

2 --having a short conversession with our national badminton coach mr Misbun hj Sidek. discussed about our next badminton project..hahahahhaa
.In telly, his face looks fierce and very serious.a good character for a national coach. In real life, he's very friendly.

3 -- i met a malay female singer double Z------> Ziana Zain.saw her on her wa
y to eat to a restaurant nearby to my house in KL. She was so awesome i mean her singing talent dat night.the night of Anugerah Juala Lagu..she still able to reach high pitch note at her age..but she also came into this industry with beauty package..

4-- I went to "stadium tertutup Bukit Jalil" to watch Anugerah Juara Lagu.hehe..first time ever get involve in such occasion. Very crowded.more than 30,000 peoples were there to support their fav artists on the stage.The funny thing is i dint even know who are the artists going to sing that nite.i support everybody----as long as made in malaysia..

5 --i got my scholarship already!yeyh yeyh!thanks God for giving me such a contented life.eventhough i cant go to either korea or japan(top 5 places i must go)..but im so grateful that my family and frens always support me for what ever choices i made..forgive me for whatever mistake i did.for sharing their joyfulness.
2008 juz passed. Memories will still remain there in the diary of my small mind.2008 has taught me to be stronger and more mature.hopefully this year i will find thing that i've lost...InsyaAllah.Help me Allah..

24 December 2008

It has been a while



christmas is coming..holiday is on its way to home.

haiikss..pals out there,show me H.O.W to spend my freetyme..most common options listed:-

3)eatholic=adding fats
4)hangout with olc friends errmm(KIV this)

well,believe it that most malaysian teenagers are absolutely happy when holiday comes around.i also like that derr..i feel so weird sometimes as i ask my frens "what are you doing holidays?"answers given 7 out of 10 ---->nothing..sleep, watch TV, eat all the way.in conclusion,"holiday's suck.."hmm..(quotes from my Uni. frens)..but then, we still hope everyday is a holiday..hmm mayb we juz wanna runaway from tonne of lectures and homeworks..
what do you think if the whole day,there is no lecturer coming?what if it continuously happens for weeks? it could be fun isn't it?(sounds like im so lazy.huhuh)..
but i would feel free to chat wif friends all day. imagine this,right away AFTER the lectures,the atmosphere turns chaos like pasar malam(night market).admit it pals.hahaa..so i come wif the idea it's better to have a lecture without a lecturer.it must be joyfull all day \(>_<)/*

i'm planning to play piano this holiday.trying to complete a song atleast..hereby i enclosed a sheet score for a song entitle 'melodies of life'.I fall in love 1st when time i listened it.colourfull of song that full of vibration of wisdom. click here to get it